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Freddy Mack hailing from the Albany, Ga has always been known for his great sense of style and music. The lyrical wordsmith brings a new energy to the game with the motto "I won't let Hip-Hop die it's our freedom". The poet begin his journey putting out his first mixtape at 18 since then his journey has taken him to higher ground. While being a creative director for artist he finds himself  still breathing the fire into the soul of the music industry. Bringing new additions to his music with a Podcast called BLKFCTS and his creative direction company SeeYou University Freddy is about to change the outlook of the next generation. Follow him on this journey as his he makes his mark in the thing he loves most Hip-Hop.

About Freddy

SeeYou University


Freddy Mack and I began our creative collaboration in 2020 in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and it was honestly one of the best leaps of faith both of us ever took! I was at a dead end job and he was actually out of work at the time we started working together. For almost two years during 2020 - 2021 we were able to collaborate and curate several ideas as far as concepts for other creatives and rebranding and updating our own separate ventures. We collaborated and worked together with the direction of photoshoots, visuals (music videos), talk shows, fashion shows, wardrobes, etc. I still am in awe at the amount of creative work we were able to produce in that time frame honestly, and I've told him that myself personally on several occasions. It's been a pleasure getting to know him and work with him. He's definitely an asset to anyone or any company that decides to work with him!

- Chris Jenkins (SeeTheVizion)


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Art Of Rhyme Pt. 1

Art Of Rhyme a series where art and hip-hop meet to paint a canvas on camera.


Lyrically True X Freddy Mack Freestyle at Vibez GA


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